Terms & Conditions / Ordering Guidelines / Freight

New Accounts

Initial minimum buy-in is $2,500 (or to be determined by United Pacific Industries, UPI hereafter). All initial orders must be prepaid in advance by Cashier’s Check or VISA/MC. All new/potential accounts must complete a UPI “New Customer Info/Credit Form” and follow the Dealer Qualification Instructions. Upon completion of the credit application, approved accounts will be assigned payment terms of NET 30 Days (from invoice date). Accounts denied a credit line will be required to prepay in advance by Cashier’s Check or VISA/MC.

Payment Terms:

Term Accounts

Accounts with NET 30 Days terms are required to submit payment within the 30 days from the date of invoice.  Acceptable forms of payment include checks, ACH (Automated Clearing House), or wire transfer. 

A service charge of 1.5% per month will be imposed on invoices not paid within the 30 day term.  Delinquent accounts will be required to pay Cash-In-Advance (CIA).  Checks will be accepted but orders will not be released until the check is cleared by the bank.  Past due invoices will delay current orders. Please check with UPI on your account status when placing an order.

Credit Cards

Accounts denied credit terms may pay by Visa or MasterCard.  Credit card will be charged upon shipment.  Credit card payments will not be accepted once an order has been shipped.  UPI does not accept American Express or Discover card.


A $9.00 fee will be accessed per COD box for all FedEx/UPS COD shipments.  Truck COD shipment fees are to be determined later by trucking company.

Returned Checks:

A $30 NSF(Non Sufficient Fund) fee will be assessed on each incidence a check is returned to UPI.


Placing Orders: New orders may be placed by any of the following methods

1. Fax: (888) 986-5988

2. E-mail: sales@uapac.com

3. Telephone: In order to minimize errors, customers are encouraged to submit their orders by fax or email.  Telephone orders should be limited to smaller orders such as add-ons to orders already submitted and/or fill-ins occurring between larger restocking orders.

Changes to Orders: 

Whenever possible, revisions to orders - additions or deletions of items - should also be submitted via fax or email to reduce the possibility of errors. 
Additions/Deletion of items will only be accepted within 48 hours after the initial order date and/or before 12:00PM on the date of the shipment. Additions of items placed after the 48 hours time period will be considered a new order and adhere to a new order freight prepaid policy.  Deletions of item cannot happen after the 48 hours time period and/or after 12:00PM on the date of the shipment.  Please note additions and/or deletions of items will delay the shipment date.

Canceling Orders:

Cancellation of orders must be submitted via fax or email within 24 hours of the order date.  If the order has already shipped it will be the customers responsibility to return the order at the customers own expense.  A restocking fee may apply, please see “Return” policy for further detail.


Customers have the option of having their backorders shipped or cancelled. UPI will notify customer as to availability of backorders and will be able to ship any backorder items customer still needs as part of their next stock order. UPI reserves the right to cancel backorders that are 6 month or older from invoice date.

Minimum Order:

A minimum order of $50.00 is required.  Orders below $50.00 will be assessed a minimum order fee of $10.00. 


A 10% service charge will be added to orders with special packaging or UPC barcoding requirements.

Lead Times:

Standard lead time for all United Pacific orders is 1-3 business days from the receipt of the purchase order.  Larger orders may require a lead time of up to 5 business days.  Transit time of 3-5 business days must be considered when placing orders.  UPI cannot be responsible for delays in shipment after an order leaves our warehouse.  UPI will work to resolve delays with freight forwarding firms, however, delays do arise from time to time due to weather and unforeseen circumstances beyond UPI’s control.  Express order are exempted; please view Freight/Shipping Policy for further detail.

Order Confirmation:

United Pacific will acknowledge receipt of orders by email/fax/telephone within 1 business day of receipt.  If confirmation is not received, please contact UPI to ensure your order was received. 


Prepaid Freight:

Stock orders between $50 and $999.99 (US Lower 48 States), $50 and $2499.99 (Alaska and Hawaii), $50 and $1499.99 (Canada), [all price net US$], will be shipped FOB Carson, California.  Stock orders of $1,000 (US Lower 48 States), $2500 (Alaska and Hawaii), $1500 (Canada), [based on UPI current pricing], or more will be shipped Freight Prepaid Ground to a single location only.  (See exception for Oversize Items*).  Express Air orders, Special Net Pricing orders, and Special Quote Pricing orders are excluded.  United Pacific reserves the right to select the carrier of our choice. Customers may select the carrier of their choice at their own expense, negotiated rates and insurance.  If customers elect to choose their own freight carrier, orders will be shipped via FREIGHT COLLECT. *Oversize Item Freight Policy - Applies to PB 379 Front Fenders, 60” or longer exhaust, and 18” or longer Saddle Boxes. 2 Options:
1. Freight will be prepaid by United Pacific if the total order of all items exceeds $4,000 (US Lower 48 States) or $5000 (Hawaii, Alaska and Canada), [all price net US$]. There will not be additional charges for these items included on the order.  
2. Freight will be prepaid by United Pacific if a customer orders a total of $2,500 (US Lower 48 States) or $3500 (Hawaii, Alaska and Canada), [all price net US$], of PB 379 fenders, 60” or longer exhaust, and/or 18”+ Longer Saddle Boxes only.  If the order is below $2,500 (US Lower 48 States) or $3500 (Hawaii, Alaska and Canada), United Pacific will add freight charges to the order for the oversize items.

Will Call Orders:

Will Call orders can be picked up 2 - 4 hours after placing the order. Customers should always call ahead to confirm when order will be ready to pick up.


International Shipments:

Shipments to locations outside the continental United States will be shipped to the customer’s shipping agent or broker within the continental United States in accordance with the US freight policy.  International customers will be responsible for the duties and taxes of their respective country. 

Express Orders:

All express orders, such as Next Day, Second Day, 3 Day Service & Will Call, must be faxed/emailed.  Order confirmation will be faxed to the customer for final approval.  If confirmation is not received, please contact UPI to ensure your order was received.  Customers are required to sign off on express orders and fax confirmation back to UPI.  Cut off for express order is 12:00PM.  Express orders received after 12:00PM may or may not ship the same day. Please call UPI to confirm projected shipping date or will call time.

Due to the high cost of express shipments, customer may request UPI to call to confirm freight charges.  If customer does not request confirmation, UPI will ship the express order.

Drop Shipments:

All drop shipment orders will be assessed a 5% processing fee.  Drop shipment processing fee will be automatically added to the invoice without notice. All drop shipment orders must be faxed in.  No freight allowance or prepaid freight will be permitted for any drop shipments, thus, all drop ship orders, regardless of order size, are FOB Carson, CA. 


General Policy:

All claims (Shortage, Mis-Shipped, Damage, Overage, Customer Error & Billing Error) must be submitted to UPI within 3 business days of the receipt of shipment.  Claims submitted beyond 3 business days of the receipt of shipment will be voided by UPI.

On all shipments, the person who signs and receives the shipment is responsible for noting on the Bill of Lading, in writing, whether any boxes arrived damaged or shorted.  Failure to do so will void all claim rights between all parties.  UPI will have no recourse against the trucking company if customer does not note any damages or shortages on the Bill of Lading.

The customers receiving department must count and sign for the exact number of boxes received.  Failure to follow the above instructions will void all claim rights between all parties.

Shortages / Mis-Ships / Damages

While UPI strives to fill every order with 100% accuracy, on occasion an item may get shipped in error or get damaged during shipping.  In the event this occurs, please follow the process below.  Note: This type of claim must be reported to UPI within three (3) business days of receiving the order.

1. Contact the United Pacific office to initiate the claim.  To make it easy for you we have two acceptable methods for requesting the claim: 

    * By e-mail :  returns@uapac.com   

    * By fax :  (888) 986-5988

    * Note: To ensure you receive a timely credit, we cannot accept claim requests by phone.

2. You will be required to provide the following information: 

    * Your business name    

    * Contact name and telephone number (in case we have questions)    

    * Date the order was received    

    * A copy of the Packing List / Invoice noting the item number and quantity that was shipped in error or damaged during shipping.   

    * Special instructions you have for us.

3. UPI will send a return label so you can ship the items back. 

4. Once we receive the miss-shipped/damaged item(s) a credit will be issued to your account on the next billing cycle. 

5. Shortages will be credit to the Customers’ account, unless customer would like the shortages replaced. 


UPI strives to provide our customers with the best customer service and products, in turn we would greatly appreciate any help from customer in notifying UPI of any shipping overages.  Customers will be offered the option of retaining the merchandise or returning the merchandise to UPI at UPI’s expense.  If the items are to be returned, an RMA number and return shipping label will be provided.

Customer Errors:

Any item or quantity ordered in error by the customer may be returned by contacting UPI for a RMA No.

1. To make it easy for you we have two acceptable methods for requesting the RMA:

    * By e-mail:  returns@uapac.com   

    * By fax:  (888) 986-5988

    * Note: To ensure you receive a timely RMA credit, we cannot accept RMA requests by phone.

2. You will be required to provide the following information.

    * Your business name    

    * Contact name and telephone number (in case we have questions)    

    * A list of the items number and quantity ordered in error    

    * Special instructions you have for us

3. UPI will review the request to ensure the products are within the return period. 

4. Once we have validated the request, United Pacific will issue an RMA number to the customer.  In issuing the RMA approval, the following conditions will apply :

    * Returned items are subject to a 20% re-stocking fee.   

    * Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.    

    * Items must not have any retail/price sticker on exterior packaging or they will be returned to the customer at customer’s expense and no credit given.    

    * Items must be in good condition with original packaging intact or they will be returned to the customer at customer’s expense and no credit given. 

    * Allow up to 30 days for the credit to be issued from the time the returned items are received.

Billing Errors:

Billing errors should be reported to UPI within 3 business days of invoice receipt.  Customers are asked to provide the invoice number, part number, and quantities in question.  Once verified, UPI will issue a credit or an invoice for the difference in billing error.